Skin Care Services

"Relax and Renew"        50 min. $65
Starting with a cleansing routine, the skin is prepped for exfoliation, then the
massage routine is performed to stimulate blood flow, relieve muscles from stress
and relieve sinuses by locating trigger points in the face and neck. A masque is then
applied, finishing with a moisturizer chosen for specific concerns.  
The "Focal Point"   60 min. $70
We believe that everyone can have healthy, beautiful skin! Whether your skin is oily,
clogged, dehydrated, mature, dull or just tired, a professional skin care treatment
will benefit any skin type. Our experienced Esthetician can customize any skin
treatment to meet your specific needs.
The "Fully Loaded Signature"   75 min. $85
The most indulgent treatment our esthetician offers. Cleansing, exfoliation, steam,
European massage, masque and hydration are incorporated in this opulent facial.
Includes complimentary therapies; such as warm towels, aroma therapy, and
paraffin treatment, to encourage a relaxing experience while promoting skin health.
The "Sunkissed Vitamin C"   60 min. $80
This Vitamin C - filled brightening facial helps fade age spots and smooth rough,
thickened texture on the face, neck, and decollete. Enzymes brighten by removing
dead, dull, and discolored cells to uncover fresh new skin. An antioxidant serum
infusion, brightening Vitamin C mask, and massage help minimize pores, refine
texture, fade surface pigmentation, & accelerate skin repair. Skin emerges smooth
and luminous. Best results in series for cumulative skin brightening and smoothing
The "Sacred Stone"   60 min. $80
Experience the ultimate in peace and relaxation. Smooth, heated or cooled stones
are strategically arranged on pressure points on the face and body. This facial
relieves stress in the face and neck muscles, creating a sense of balance throughout
the body.
The "Male Detail"   60 min. $70
This "men's only" service includes a deep cleansing with steam applied to remove
unwanted blemishes and ingrown hairs. Ending with a neck and shoulder massage.
The "Teen Clean"   45 min. $50
This facial is designed to address breakouts that frequently are associated with
adolescent skin. It starts with deep cleansing, followed by exfoliation. A healing
mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles. We add
glycolic acid, salicylic acid, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory ingredients according to
your teens skin care needs.

*Teen facials are created with teens comprehensive needs in mind. Facials can help
with persisting teen skincare troubles, or prevent them before the problems start.
Our skincare specialists educates your teen about the importance of preemptive
The "Quickie"   30 min. $45
This customized facial is great for those with busy schedules. Treatment includes
cleansing, exfoliation, personalized treatment masque, toning and hydrating.
Resurfacing Treatments
Specialty Peels   $90
An accelerated form of exfoliation perfected to improve the quality and appearance   $235 (series of 3)
of the skin. These light to medium depth peels affect the cellular level using acids    
and enzymes that are gentle and non-toxic. Our Aesthetician offers several different    
several different types of peeling agents that are customized to fit individual needs.    
For optimal results, packages are available. May include prepatory skin care or    
post-peel skincare.    
We offer the following: * PCA * Glycolic * Salicylic * Flower Enzyme    
Microdermabrasion   $80 (60 min. treatment)
This treatment sloughs off dry, dehydrated skin, retextures fine lines, diminishes   $215 (series of 3)
pore size and promotes a more youthful appearance. A gentle cleanser and toner    
are followed by a exfoliation utilizing radiance-enhancing microdermabrasion with   $55 (30 min. treatment)
crystals or the diamond to boost skin's vitality. Next, a treatment is applied that will   $150 (series of 3)
increase absorption of nutrients to smooth and polish the surface layer of the dermis.    
Microdermabrasion on Chest   $25
Microdermabrasion on Hands and Forearm   $25
Luxury Add-Ons
"Check Your Baggage" Eye Treatment   $12
Eliminate fine lines and stress in the delicate eye area. Reduce discoloration and    
"Fab"-U-Lips   $12
Combines the properties of three active ingredients to smooth and repair the lips.    
"Ageless" Hands   $20
Retexture your hands with potent glycolic acid. Improves overall clarity by reducing
brown spots and increasing elasticity.
"Peppermint Scalp Refresher"   $15
A place where many of us hold tension from day to day, this massage will focus on    
stress in the neck and scalp.